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We provide luxury skin, extension & blowout services, and exclusive suite & booth rentals in a world-class community.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to Serve, Inspire, and Empower You! We are passionate about providing our customers world-class Steele services & experiences while supporting our beauty entrepreneurs in the opportunity to “Be Your Own Boss and Live Your Dreams.”

Hi Beautiful Customers & Beauty Entrepreneurs! Our beautiful Steele Salon Bars family is very excited to meet you!

Powell is our home. We live and work in this community and we are invested in this community. Our passion is to help people look beautiful, live beautifully, fulfill their dreams, crush their goals, and thrive while doing it all! Our approach to salon ownership is a little different from the traditional corporate organizations you may have heard of.

We believe in cultivating genuine customer relationships so that when you walk through the door you are known by name, providing you world-class services & experiences in a luxury community environment, and empowering our salon bar owners to be their own boss. We believe these are the best qualities about our business and they are our promise to you.

We work tirelessly to provide our customers the best modern and luxurious salon experience, Steele skin services, extensions & blowouts, and private suites and booths in Powell, and shortly, Central Ohio. Our vision is for all of our customers to make us their second home and for our salon bar owners to have the ability to own their time and manage their own portfolio of clients in an environment unlike any other!

Simply put, our passion to provide a world-class customer experience and Steele services, helping our beauty entrepreneurs to be successful and supported in a community environment, and our hard work ethic that focuses on providing our customers and salon bar owners excellence in all that we do makes us different from our competitors.

Our differences are our strengths. Steele Salon Bars created a hybrid commission, booth, and suite ownership salon model that we call the “Salon Eco System.” Our “Salon Eco System” sets us apart from most traditional salon and suite businesses by offering commission employment, booth, and suite ownership opportunities all under one roof. Our beautiful open concept layout has our Steele commission service providers and booth owners in the middle of the floor layout and suite owners along the side perimeters. Our “Salon Eco System” allows our beauty professional’s to intern with us while in school, start as a commission employee with us and get mentored by us right after they graduate from school and get licensed, and later easily advance into a booth and then suite as they grow their clientele with us. We provide growth opportunities for you every step of your beauty career life cycle so that you can start and finish  your beauty career in one place with our Steele Salon Bars family!

Our “Salon Eco System” fosters growth for our employees, booth, and suite owners within an “Open Privacy” layout. A benefit of our “Open Privacy” layout is that everyone can enjoy an open community of support from their peers when they need it or have privacy inside their suite when they want it. These differences create a fun atmosphere and foster an environment of friendship and mentorship between our salon bar owners and Steele commission service providers. With this model, we have alleviated the problem of bouncing between traditional salon and suite businesses and created a community environment in which our beauty professionals can grow with us and have a positive life-long experience as part of our Steele Salon Bars family!

Be your own boss